Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy – A Gifted Profession 


This article is a humble effort to upsurge the awareness about the profession ‘Occupational Therapy’ among public, students who are in search for a career related to health care, educators, parents, and educational agencies. Although Occupational therapy is recognized as a distinct value added health care service by many abroad nations, the scenario in India is not in par excellence with other such nations. Presently this profession is not getting adequate recognition among the public, students and policy makers as it deserves. This made us to prepare this section in this blog. We hope that this booklet will enlighten many minds.
In this article following topics are described.

  •  Introduction about Occupational Therapy
  •  Short History of Occupational Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy in Rehabilitation Team
  • Scope of Occupational Therapy in

o Developmental Disabilities & pediatrics Care

  •    Neonatal Care
  •    Dyslexia, autism & behavioral disorders
  •    Pediatric Neurology

o   Neuro-Rehabilitation & Neuroscience

  •    Cognitive Rehabilitation
  •    Neuro-motor Rehabilitation

o   Musculoskeletal Care

o   Mental Health Care

o   Ergonomics

o   Geriatric Care

o   Other Functional areas

  • Occupational Therapy – A Creative Employment Sector
  • Scope of Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy – Creative Health Care Sector 

Occupational Therapy is relatively a new treatment arena. This allied health profession is platformed on modern health science. An Occupational Therapist (O.T.) can help persons with physical, mental or emotional challenge, to function efficiently in their daily living activities like self-care, leisure & job. Hence this profession has a wide scope to flourish. This article is a short description about this vibrant profession.

Difference between Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy 

Occupational Therapy functions on a slightly discretephilosophy from other allied health care fields.

The word “Occupational” in Occupational Therapy refers to the daily activities ofa person’s routine.This could mean his profession, self-care activities, entertainment and rest. These daily activities can change according to age, gender & job difference. For example, if a person is a tutor or an engineering by his profession, his self-care activities are eating food, taking bath and changing dress himself. His entertainments may be wailing time with family members or himself,or engaging in activites like – watching TV, evening walking, jogging etc. But as far as child is concerned his “profession” and entertainments are engaging in play activities only.

Satisfaction in a person’s life depends upon the balance in the three areas mentioned above(physical, mental or emotional).Any flucctuations in these areas is directly reflected on the person’s “profession”, daily activities, rest and entertainment. Hence Occupational Therapy aims at finding out fruitful and effective solution and rectify the challenges in these three areas.

Physiotherapy is also a part of Rehabilitation Team which plays a crucial role. The main function of a physiotherapist is to maximise mobility inphysically challenged and expediting the pain relief through use of physical modalities(wax therapy, ultra sound etc..).
Occupational Therapy is a vibrant creative profession with lots of job opportunities in India & abroad. Moreover this noble profession enables one to help, support & empower the people with physical, psychological, emotional problems by helping them to lead an independent productive life. In short “Occupational Therapy is an Art & Science of Empowering Life”.

End Note: This article is a part of the original book titled “Occupational Therapy – A Creative Profession” by Phinoj K Abraham MOTh, and Joseph Sunny MOT, published by Kerala Branch of AIOTA, 2013. For the original book you may please visithttp://keralaot.org/OT%20Malayalam%20&%20English%20Booklet%20PHINOJ%203-2-13.pdf