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Certificate course

This course is designed for occupational therapists who wish to learn the recent guidelines & assessment instruments used in diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The OT professionals working with children with Autism will be able to identify the problems of these children & understand the importance of combining multiple approaches in the intervention process of these children which will help them to decide the line of treatment. This course will focus primarily in evidence based occupational therapy best practice & early intervention in ASD.


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When Cursive Writing becomes curse

Prof Shankar says a number at factors like muscle skill, visual attention to a letter or word, memorisation of words, alignment, spacing between letters and eye-hand co-ordination, come into play at this stage. "These skills develop from 3 to 6 years. Fine motor skills and proximal stability are very important. Not all children may develop at the same pace. There are instances when children could develop pain in the hand if they are unable to cope," he said.


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